Certificate in Gerontology

Students may earn a Certificate in Gerontology by completing 15 hours of specified course work including a core of strongly recommended courses, Introduction to Gerontology (GERO 2000), Psychology of Adult Development and Aging (GERO 4460), and Programs and Services for the Elderly (GERO 4670), plus a one-semester field placement. Although a major in gerontology is not offered, the Certificate program may be used as a minor or a concentration within several degrees earned through other university departments. Students who wish to work toward the Certificate must apply directly to the department of gerontology. Students may also consider a concentration of 30 hours in gerontology by pursuing a bachelor of general studies degree.

Courses that meet the gerontology requirement are taught by gerontology faculty as well as related faculty in other departments. Students should consult the gerontology adviser for the appropriate selection of courses.

In addition to undergraduate and graduate courses, the department of gerontology conducts research, community service and technical assistance, and provides non-credit educational programs for older people.

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