Minor in Gerontology

A minor in gerontology consists of 18 credit hours. Nine hours of core courses are required with the remaining 9 hours to be selected by the student with advice and support of the academic adviser for the department.

Administration of the Program:

The UNO Department of Gerontology administers the certificate in gerontology program for all campuses of the University of Nebraska under an agreement approved by the Board of Regents in 1977. Students at UNL, UNO, UNK, and UNMC are thus able to earn the certificate as part of their academic work at the University of Nebraska.

Students who wish to earn the certificate must go through a formal admissions procedure; admissions materials are available at the offices named above.

Undergraduates who begin work toward the certificate late in their academic program may find it difficult to schedule the necessary course work and practicum hours prior to graduation (this is especially true for BSN candidates in the College of Nursing). It is acceptable, and in many cases desirable, to complete the classroom portion of work toward the certificate while an undergraduate, receive the bachelors degree from one’s major department, and then complete work on the practicum during the semester after graduation as an unclassified postgraduate. Gerontology advisers maintain a degree of flexibility in order to work with students who have special needs.

Degree Requirements

The core courses required for the minor will include the following:

GERO 2000Introduction to Gerontology


GERO 4460Psychology of Adult Development and Aging


GERO 4670Programs and Services for the Elderly


GERO 4550/HED 4550/GERO 8556/WGST 4550/HED 8556Health Aspects of Aging


Total Credit Hours:12

Students may also select a course offered in another department that has at least 75% of its focus on the aging experience. This course can be counted toward a minor in gerontology.

A practicum will not be required of students pursuing a minor. The student must earn an overall average of “C” (2.0) in courses for the minor.