Service Learning

Service learning is an experiential, collaborative pedagogical method incorporating projects that promote academic learning. These projects are directly linked to academic curriculum while meeting the service needs of the community and providing collaborative experience between students and nonprofit or government organizations. Typically, professors design service learning projects in partnership with representatives of community organizations, planning activities that will meet genuine needs in the community and advance student understanding of course curriculum. In the community setting, students complete service learning projects to advance the mission and programs of the community partner. On campus, students reflect on their experience, considering its relationship to their reading and research as well as its impact on their personal values and professional goals.

Every semester, there are a variety of courses at UNO that incorporate service learning. Students are given the opportunity to apply classroom curriculum to actual community needs. The opportunities provide a means of learning about the surrounding community and the organizations that serve those in need and take on important issues within the community.   More information on Service Learning Opportunities can be found at  or by contacting the Service Learning Academy at 402-554-6019