Bachelor of Arts in Biology

A Bachelor of Arts degree in biology consists of 36-45 hours of biology courses of which 18 hours must be 3000- 4000-level courses. The required courses are Biology 1450 and 1750. The remaining elective hours in biology must be scheduled and approved by the department advisers. Also required are either Chemistry 1140-1144, 2210-2214, 3650-3654, or 1180-1184, 1190-1194, 2250, 2260-2274; and Physics 1050-1054, or 1110-1154, 1120-1164, or 2110-1154, 2120-1164. In addition to the college mathematics fundamental competency requirement, one approved course in statistics and an additional course in mathematics (beyond MATH 1310), statistics, or computer science is required. One laboratory course in geology or physical geography is also strongly recommended.

For a B.A., the college requires completion of a foreign language through the intermediate level.


Students may complete the College of Arts and Sciences requirement for an advanced writing course by completing a sequence of approved biology courses at UNO that incorporate discipline specific writing as part of their requirements. To satisfy the requirement for the advanced writing course students must complete BIOL 1450 and 1750, two courses from BIOL 2140, 3020 and 3340 and two additional 3000/4000 level courses that are approved as meeting the writing requirement by the Department of Biology. Only courses taken at UNO and after January 1, 2010 can be applied to this requirement. Students not meeting the writing requirement through this sequence of courses will fulfill the writing requirement by completingBIOL 3150 - Writing in Biology or another college-approved advanced writing course.