Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

A B.A. degree in chemistry requires a minimum of 36 credit hours of approved chemistry courses.

The required 31 credit hours of chemistry include: CHEM 1180, CHEM 1184, CHEM 1190, CHEM 1194, CHEM 2250, CHEM 2260, CHEM 2274, CHEM 2400, CHEM 2404, CHEM 2500 and two courses and associated laboratories chosen from physical chemistry (CHEM 3350, CHEM 3354, CHEM 3360, CHEM 3364) and biochemistry (CHEM 4650, CHEM 4654).

The other five credit hours must include either Instrumental Methods (CHEM 3414) or Instrumental Analysis and laboratory (CHEM 4400 - CHEM 4404 ), with the remaining credit(s) to be selected from chemistry courses approved for the B.S. degree.

The required cognates are MATH 1950, MATH 1960, and a year sequence of general physics (PHYS 2110 and PHYS 2120, or PHYS 1110 and PHYS 1120) and laboratories (PHYS 1154 and PHYS 1164).

For a B.A., the college requires completion of a foreign language through the intermediate level.