Minor in Environmental Studies

A minor in environmental studies requires a minimum of 19 credit hours. Students must complete ENVN 2010, two courses from the following: BIOL-1330, CHEM-1010, GEOL-1010, GEOG-1030; plus 12 credit hours chosen from the following list, provided that those courses are not in the student’s major field of study: ENVN-4600, ENVN-4610, ENVN-4800, ENVN-4820; BIOL-3340, BIOL-3530, BIOL-3730, BIOL-4100, BIOL-4120, BIOL-4210, BIOL-4220, BIOL-4230, BIOL-4270, BIOL-4340, BIOL-4350, BIOL-4370, BIOL-4540, BIOL-4600, BIOL-4610, BIOL-4780, BIOL-4790, BIOL-4800, BIOL-4820, BIOL-4840, BIOL-4880, BIOL-4910, BIOL-4920, BIOL-4940, BIOL-4980; CHEM-3030, CHEM-3414, CHEM-3650 and CHEM-3654; GEOG-3130, GEOG-3510, GEOG-3530, GEOG-3540, GEOG-3930, GEOG-4010, GEOG-4020, GEOG-4030, GEOG-4050, GEOG-4100, GEOG-4120, GEOG-4250, GEOG-4260, GEOG-4320, GEOG-4330, GEOG-4340, GEOG-4610, GEOG-4630, GEOG-4820; GEOL-3300, GEOL-3310, GEOL-3400, GEOL-4540; PHIL-3180; SOC-3850. Exceptions must be approved by the Environmental Studies Coordinating Committee. Students interest in completing the minor should consult with the Director of the Environmental Studies Program.

For more information…

Please call 402.554.2849 or visit our webpage www.unomaha.edu/enviromental_studies