Major in Latino/Latin American Studies

A major in Latino/Latin American Studies requires 30 credit hours. At least 18 of the 30 hours must be taken at the upper level division, i.e., 3000 and/or 4000-level courses.  In addition, all students must complete 16 credit hours of Spanish (or Portuguese) to fulfill the LLS language requirement for the B.A. degree (this would also satisfy the foreign language requirement for the College of Arts and Sciences). Students whose primary major is in another college must complete at least two semesters in Spanish or Portuguese. A grade of “C-“or better must be earned in all courses required for the BA or major in LLS.  Below is a breakdown of required courses and credit hours.  To see updated lists of approved courses, student opportunities and class schedules, visit the OLLAS website:

  • LLS 1000: Introduction to Latino/Latin American Studies (three hours)
  • Either LLS 1010 or LLS 1020: Introduction to Chicano/Latino Studies (three hours)
  • A Research Methods course approved by the OLLAS director/academic advisor.  Approved courses include, but are not limited to: SOC 2130; CRCJ 3000; PSCI 3000, PSYC 3130, PSYC 3140. Approved research courses will fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences’ quantitative literacy requirement (three hours)
  • LLS 4990: Three hours are earned through the completion of a senior capstone project that also fulfills the departmental third writing course requirement (three hours). The senior capstone project can be fulfilled through one of the options listed under “degree requirements.” Students must discuss their choice with the OLLAS director/academic advisor and complete a contract describing their intended program of study. The OLLAS director/academic advisor will then name at least one additional OLLAS faculty member to approve the student’s senior project proposal.  
  • An additional 18 hours of LLS-approved elective courses (See list of “electives”). Unless approved by the OLLAS director/academic advisor, a maximum of nine hours of elective courses may be taken from a single department.