Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-requisites for professional programs may be taken at UNO.  Advisors are available in the College of Arts & Sciences to assist you with your goals.  They may be reached at 402-554-2458 or and are located in Arts & Sciences Hall, Room 240.


To receive important updates and opportunities related to your pre-professional interests, please identify your interests on this form.


As a student pursuing acceptance into professional programs, please keep the following in mind:

  • In most cases, three to four years of coursework is required prior to making application to a professional program.  Students should choose a major of interest from any college within UNO and follow the requirements for that degree while also completing required coursework for their professional programs of interest.  
  • The program information in this section is a guide.  Students must research the requirements for specific schools and programs for which they have interest, as requirements vary by program and by school.  Program websites have the most up to date information, including application procedures, deadlines, and admission requirements, including how Advanced Placement (AP), CLEP, and Dual Enrollment credits are viewed for each program and school.
  • In addition to specific coursework, students should aim for high grades, focus on developing good study habits, and seek shadowing, volunteer, and leadership opportunities of interest to them and pertaining to their program of interest.  It is important to remember that you are in competition with other applicants and simply fulfilling the pre-requisites for programs is rarely enough.