Pre-Clinical Laboratory Science Curriculum

UNO cooperates with the clinical laboratory science program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in providing a pre-clinical laboratory curriculum. Admission to the senior year of the medical technology program requires the successful completion of at least 77 semester hours. The CLS Program will not accept AP, CLEP, or DANTES credit toward the English Composition, Mathematics, or Science requirements.  Any AP, CLEP, or DANTES credit earned in these categories will be used as elective prerequisite credit only.

Clinical positions are available at the three participating programs of Medical Technology (Nebraska Methodist Hospital and University of Nebraska Hospital). Students are selected to fill the positions on a competitive basis. Past experience has shown that students should have maintained an overall grade point average of at least 2.5 and a science grade point average of at least 2.5 in order to be competitive for selection for one of the positions in the program, although the average accepted GPA is a 3.3-3.5.

No grade below C will be accepted.

Biological Sciences                                                                   (16 credit hours minimum)

BIOL 2440                                  The Biology of Microorganisms                               4 credits

BIOL 2140*                                 Genetics                                                             4 credits

BIOL 3240**                               Introduction to Immunology                                  3 credits


BIOL 2740                                  Human Physiology and Anatomy I                          4 credits

BIOL 2840                                  Human Physiology and Anatomy II                         4 credits

BIOL 3020                                  Molecular Biology of the Cell                                  3 credits

BIOL 3830                                  Biology of Pathogenic Microorganisms                     3 credits

BIOL 4140                                  Cellular Biology                                                   4 credits

BIOL 4920                                  Parasitology                                                        4 credits

*May also take SAHP 412 (Genetics) through UNMC (offered online, spring only)

**UNO’s BIOL 3240 requires BIOL 1450, 1750 and 2140 as pre-requisites.  UNMC’s CLS 404 (Immunology) course does not have any pre-requisites (offered online, spring and fall).


Chemistry                                                                                 (14 credit hours minimum)

CHEM 1140 & 1144                      Fundamentals of Chemistry & Lab                          5 credits

CHEM 2210 & 2214                      Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry & Lab               5 credits

CHEM 3650 & 3654                      Fundamentals of Biochemistry & Lab                       4 credits


CHEM 1180* & 1184                    General Chemistry I & Lab                                 4 credits

CHEM 1190 & 1194                      General Chemistry II & Lab                                   4 credits

CHEM 2210 & 2214                      Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry & Lab              5 credits

CHEM 3650 & 3654                      Fundamentals of Biochemistry & Lab                      4 credits

*Requires Math 1310 or placement beyond, plus CHEM 1140 & 1144 or placement beyond as pre-requisites.


Mathematics                                                                             (3 credit hours minimum

One of the statistics courses below is preferred:

PSYC 3130                                 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences                       3 credits

SOC 2130                                   Basic Statistics                                                     3 credits

STAT 3000                                  Statistical Methods I                                             3 credits


English Composition                                                                 (3 credit hours minimum)

ENGL 1150                                 English Composition I                                           3 credits


ENGL 1160 or 1164                 English Composition II                                          3 credits

(Advanced writing composition courses can be substituted, if proficiency is established by examination.)