Pre-Dental Hygiene Curriculum

Dental hygiene is a baccalaureate program at UNMC’s College of Dentisty in Lincoln.  To be eligible to apply to that program, students must complete at a minimum, two years worth of pre-requisites at UNO or another accredited institution.  If admitted to the dental hygiene program at UNMC, students will complete an additional two years there and receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene from UNMC.  Admission to the program is competitive, so students are encouraged to choose a major of interest and pursue that, alongside the pre-dental hygiene curriculum.

No courses taken for Advanced Placement, dual enrollment, or CLEP will be accepted at UNMC’s College of Dentistry.

            Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, but the average GPA for entering classes has been 3.5 or higher.

            No grade below C will be accepted.

Biological Sciences                                                                   (16 credit hours minimum)

BIOL 1450                                  Biology I                                                            5 credits

BIOL 2440                                  Biology of Microorganisms                                     4 credits

BIOL 2740                                  Human Physiology & Anatomy I                             4 credits

BIOL 2840                                  Human Physiology & Anatomy II                            4 credits


Chemical Sciences                                                                    (16 credit hours minimum)

CHEM 1180* & 1184                    General Chemistry I & Lab                                                4 credits

CHEM 1190 & 1194                      General Chemistry II & Lab                                   4 credits

*Requires Math 1310 or placement beyond, plus CHEM 1140 & 1144 or placement beyond as pre-requisites.

Mathematics                                                                             (0 credit hours minimum)

MATH 1310 is a pre-requisite for chemistry.  A mathematics course is not required if proficiency is established by a MPE of 3 or an ACT math subscore of 23 or better.

English Composition                                                                 (6 credit hours minimum)

ENGL 1150                                 English Composition I                                           3 credits

ENGL 1160 or 1164                      English Composition II                                          3 credits

(Advanced writing composition courses can be substituted, if proficiency is established by examination.)

Speech                                                                                     (3 credit hours minimum)

SPCH 1110                                 Public Speaking Fundamentals                               3 credits

Psychology and Sociology                                                         (6 credit hours minimum)

PSYC 1010                                 Intro to Psychology                                              3 credits 

SOC 1010                                   Intro to Sociology                                                3 credits

Nutrition                                                                                  (3 credit hours minimum)

HPER 3090                                 Applied Nutrition                                                  3 credits

Humanities/Arts                                                                      (6 credit hours minimum)

Choose from English literature, philosophy, music history, art history, theater arts, and drawing.          

Social & Behavioral Sciences/ Human Behavior, Cultural & Social Organization (3 credit hours minimum)

Choose from psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, political science, and geography

12-hour series in a single academic area                                  (12 credit hours minimum)

A twelve-hour series must be completed in a specific area of study.  The courses must have the same course prefix for all courses being considered.  Examples of good choices are: Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, History, Philosophy.