Pre-Medicine Curriculum

Specific course requirements can vary among medical colleges but, in general, the following list of pre-medical courses should be taken.  Responsibility for meeting requirements for each school rests solely with the applicant.  Students should choose a major of interest and follow the requirements for that major while completing the necessary pre-medical courses.  Majors may include natural sciences, social sciences, the arts, or humanities.

            The MCAT exam is required for medical school applications.

            No grade below C will be accepted.


       Students New to UNO, Freshman, Sophomores 

UNO has established an advising program to assist UNO students who may be interested in pursuing a career in medicine.  For more information, visit


       Junior, Seniors, Recent Graduates

Most medical schools prefer letters of recommendations written by the undergraduate university’s Pre-medical Committee.  Juniors and seniors who have met certain minimum requirements will benefit by receiving individual mentoring from Committee faculty members.  Additionally, these students will be eligible to receive a Committee-authored letters of recommendation for their medical school application.  See for more information.


Typically Required Classes

Biological Sciences

BIOL 1450                                  Biology I                           5 credits

BIOL 1750                                  Biology II                                 5 credits

BIOL 2140                                  Genetics                                   4 credits



CHEM 1180* & 1184                    General Chemistry I & Lab   4 credits

CHEM 1190 & 1194                      General Chemistry II & Lab 4 credits

CHEM 2250                                Organic Chemistry I     3 credits

CHEM 2260 & 2274                      Organic Chemistry II & Lab   5 credits


CHEM 4650 & 4654                      Biochemistry I & Lab 4 credits

CHEM 4660 & 4664                      Biochemistry II & Lab 4 credits


                  CHEM 4610                                Biochemistry of Metabolism       4 credits

*Requires Math 1310 or placement exam, plus CHEM 1140 & 1144 or placement exam as pre-requisites.



PHYS 1110 & 1154                       General Physics I & Lab           5 credits

PHYS 1120 & 1164                       General Physics II & Lab 5 credits


PHYS 2110 & 1154                       General Physics I – Calculus Level & Lab                  5 credits

    PHYS 2120 & 1164                       General Physics II – Calculus Level & Lab                 5 credits



MATH 1950*                               Calculus I                                                           5 credits


MATH 1940**                            Calculus for Biomedicine                                       5 credits

UNMC will accept an introductory or advanced statistics course in place of Calculus.                   

*Math 1950 requires pre-requisites of Math 1320 & 1330 (or Math 1340) or sufficient placement via the  Calculus Compass Exam.

**Math 1940 requires a pre-requisite of Math 1320 or sufficient placement via the Calculus Compass Exam.


English Composition

ENGL 1150 or 1154                      English Composition I                                           3 credits

ENGL 1160 or 1164                      English Composition II                                          3 credits

(Retroactive Credit from placement exams is not sufficient to fulfill requirements. However, advanced writing composition courses, including department-specific courses, can be substituted for English Composition I & II.)


Strongly Recommended Classes

PSYC 1010*                                Introduction to Psychology                                    3 credits

SOC 1010*                                 Introduction to Sociology                                       3 credits

BIOL 3020*                                 Molecular Biology of the Cell                                  3 credits

*Information from these classes will be tested on the MCAT starting in 2015

NEUR 1500                                 Introduction to Neuroscience                                 3 credits

BIOL 3240                                  Introduction to Immunology                                  3 credits