Pre-Nursing Curriculum

Pre-nursing students have many options within Omaha.  Students may complete about 58 credits worth (2 years) of pre-requisites to be eligible to apply to UNMC’s College of Nursing, where they take another 2 years worth of classes to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from UNMC.  The courses listed below are the pre-requisites needed to be able to apply to this BSN program at UNMC.  UNMC accepts a maximum of 12 hours of pass/fail, CLEP and AP credits (excluding A&P, chemistry, nutrition, statistics and microbiology).  Only 3 credits of English may be part of of this allowance.  All courses must have college credit.

Students are also able to transfer to Clarkson, Methodist, or College of St. Mary to receive a BSN, as well, or they may apply to to be admitted to these programs directly after high school.  Students wishing to go to any of these institutions should contact them for information on transferring and the admissions process, as it is different for each.

To be competitive, students should strive for a minimum GPA of 3.0.

No grade below C will be accepted.

For UNMC’s College of Nursing:

Biological Sciences                                                                              (12 credit hours minimum)

BIOL 2440                                  The Biology of Microorganisms                               4 credits

BIOL 2740                                  Human Physiology & Anatomy I (fall & sum only)     4 credits

BIOL 2840                                  Human Physiology & Anatomy II(spr & sum only)     4 credits                                                            

Chemistry                                                                                            (5 credit hours minimum)

CHEM 1140* & 1144                    Fundamentals of College Chemistry & Lab               5 credits

*Requires Math 1310 or placement beyond as pre-requisite.

 Mathematics                                                                                         (3 credit hours minimum)

MATH 1320                                 College Algebra                                                   3 credits

(Math 1340, 1930, 1950 or higher acceptable for substitution)

Statistics                                                                                             (3 credit hours minimum)

Choose one:

PSYC 3130*                                Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences                       3 credits

SOC 2130*                                 Basic Statistics                                                     3 credit

STAT 3000*                                Statistical Methods I                                             3 credits

*Requires Math 1310 or placement beyond as pre-requisite.


English Composition                                                                             (6 credit hours minimum)

ENGL 1150                                 English Composition I                                           3 credits

ENGL 1160 or 1164                      English Composition II                                          3 credits

(Advanced writing composition courses can be substituted, if proficiency is established by examination.)


Growth and Development                                                                      (3 credit hours minimum)

PSYC 2500                                 Life Span Psychology                                            3 credits


Psychology, Sociology, Nutrition & Ethics         ___________________(12 credit hours minimum)

PSYC 1010                                 Introduction to Psychology                                     3 credits

SOC 1010                                   Introduction to Sociology                      3 credits

HPER 3090                                 Applied Nutrition                             3 credits

PHIL 2030                                  Introduction to Ethics                  3 credits

Free Electives                                                   _______________(3-5 credit hours minimum)

Anything not listed as a specific requirement can be used as a free elective.

The courses listed below are meant to serve as a sample of courses that are accepted under each requirement.  If you have specific questions about a course that is not listed here, please consult the UNMC College of Nursing Student Services Coordinator, Molly Belieu, at 402-559-5102 or  A few courses have been approved in more than one category.  However, a student may not use one course to meet more than one requirement.

Humanities                                                                               (3 credit hours minimum)

Choose one (all courses below are 3 credits):

All ART courses


ENGL 2410

Crit Apprch to Lit

 MUS  1090/1100)

Music Apprec/Jazz

ENGL 1010/1020

Genre Studies

ENGL 2450

Amer. Literature

All PHIL courses


ENGL 1200*

Auto. Rdng/Writ

ENGL 2470

Native Amer Lit

(PHIL 1010/1020

Intro Phil/Moral Prob.

ENGL 2300

Ethnic Literature

All HUMN courses



Crit Reason

ENGL 2250

The Short Story

(HUMN 1200/1110)#


All RELI courses


ENGL 2300**

Intro to Literature

All MUS courses


SPCH 1110

Public Spk Fund.

ENGL 2310

Intro to Engl Lit

(MUS 1070/1080

Music of the People

All THEA courses



Family & Human Behavior                                                         (3 credit hours minimum)

Choose one (all courses below are 3 credits):



GERO 4350

Issues in Aging

PSYC 4440

Abnormal Psyc

EDUC 2010**

Hum Grw & Lrng

PSYC 3410

Clinical Psyc

PSYC 4460

Psyc Adult Dev/Aging

EDUC 2030**

Human Relations

PSYC 3430

Personality & Adj

PSYC 4470

Mental Hlth/Aging

GDRH 2120#

Social Issues

PSYC 3450

Social Psyc

SOC 2150

Marriage & Family

GERO 2000

Intro Gerontology

PSYC 3510

Educ. Psyc

SOC 3450

Social Psyc

GERO 3070

Death & Dying

PSYC 3520

Child Psyc

SOC 3610

Soc Organization

GERO 4100

Educ. Gero.

PSYC 3540

Adolescent Psyc

SOC 4300

Soc of Gender


Political Science & Social Organization                                     (3 credit hours minimum)

Choose one (all courses below are 3 credit, except GDRH 1110, which is 6 credits):

All ECON classes


GDRH 1110#

Persp. US Amer Cult

HIST 1110

American Hist I

(ECON 1200

Intro to US Econ

GEOG 1000

World Reg Geog

HIST 1120

American Hist II

ECON 2200


HIST 1000

World Civ I

All PSCI courses


ECON 2220)


HIST 1010

World Civ II

(PSCI 1000/1100)

Intro PSCI/Amer Gvt


Culture, Race, Ethnicity & Gender                                             (3 credit hours minimum)

Choose one (All courses below are 3 credits, except intro level foreign languages are 5 credits):

ANTH 1050

Intro to Anth

ENGL 2470

Native Amer Lit

All WGST courses


ANTH 3210

Cultures African Ppl

GEOG 1020

Human Geography

(WGST 2010/2020)


ANTH 3220

Ppl/Cult Nat N Amer

All LLS courses


All CHIN courses


ANTH 3260

World Cult & Ppl

(LLS 1000/1010


All FREN courses


ANTH 3910

Physical Anthrop

LLS 1020)


All GERM courses


All BLST courses


All NAMS courses


All ITAL courses


(BLST 1000/2100

Intro Blst/Blk Cult

(NAMS 1100)

Native Amer Cult

All JAPN courses


BLST 2260

Blk Short Story

SOC 2190

Mod Middle East

All RUSS courses


BLST 2510/2730)

Music/Reli & Theol

SOC 3840

World Pop & Soc Iss

All SPAN courses


ENGL 2230

Ethnic Literature

SOC 3900

Race & Ethnic Rel



*For Thompson Scholars only                    #For Goodrich students only                      **For College of Education students only