Pre-Occupational Therapy Curriculum

Occupational therapy is offered at both Creighton University and College of St. Mary. To apply to Creighton’s doctorate level degree, a bachelor’s degree is required, along with several prerequisite courses offered at UNO, listed below. To apply to the College of St. Mary master’s level program, it is best to make application after high school, for the best chance of acceptance.  Students may take specific coursework at UNO to transfer to College of St Mary, but it has become more difficult over the past years to gain acceptance as a transfer student.   For more information about Creighton University, call 402-280-2662. For more information about the College of St. Mary, call 402-399-2405.

No grade below C will be accepted.


Creighton’s Occupational Therapy Doctorate program

To be able to apply to this program, a bachelor’s degree is required, along with the successful completion of the following courses.  For more information about this program, please contact Creighton’s OTD program chairperson at 402-280-5963.

 Theology, Philosophy and/or Ethics                                                      (3 credit hours minimum)

Choose one:

PHIL 1010                                  Introduction to Philosophy                 3 credits

PHIL 2010                                  Symbolic Logic       3 credits

PHIL 2030                                  Introduction to Ethics     3 credits

RELI 1010                                  Introduction to World Religions 3 credits


Cultures, Ideas and/or Civilizations                                                     (3 credit hours minimum)

Choose one:

HIST 1000/1010                          World Civilizations I/II                                          3 credits

HIST 1110/1120                          American History to 1865/Since 1865                      3 credits

RELI 1010                                  Introduction to World Religions                               3 credits

WGST 2010/2020                        Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies: SS/HU   3 credits


Anatomy                                                                                               (3 credit hours minimum)

(If enrolled in a combined anatomy/physiology course, 6 credit hours will be required)

BIOL 2740                                  Human Physiology & Anatomy I                             4 credits

BIOL 2840                                  Human Physiology & Anatomy II                            4 credits

Psychology                                                                                           (6 credit hours minimum)

PSYC 1010                                 Introduction to Psychology                                                3 credits

Must choose at least one from the below options:

PSYC 2500                                 Life Span Psychology                                            3 credits

PSYC 4440                                 Abnormal Psychology                                           3 credits


English Composition                                                                             (3 credit hours minimum)

ENGL 1150/1160                         English Composition I/II                                        3 credits

Statistics or Research                                                                           (3 credit hours minimum)

Choose one:

PSYC 3130                                 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences                       3 credits

SOC 2130                                   Basic Statistics                                                     3 credits

STAT 3000                                  Statistical Methods I                                             3 credits

SOC 2510                                   Research Methods                                               3 credits

Medical Terminology                                                                             (1 credit hour minimum)

Many places in Omaha offer a Medical Terminology course, including UNMC, Metropolitan Community College, Creighton, Clarkson, and Methodist.