Pre-Physical Therapy Curriculum

For students applying to UNMC’s Physical Therapy program for Fall 2016 or after, a bachelor’s degree and the pre-requisites listed below, are required before applying.  Students’ majors may be in any area of interest. 

Creighton’s Physical Therapy program requires a minimum of 90 credits, as well as the courses on the back of this guide, although preference is usually given to students who have received a bachelor’s degree.  Students are strongly encouraged to choose a major of interest and follow the requirements for that major while completing the necessary pre-physical therapy courses. 

The GRE is required for both institutions and a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.

No grade below “C-” will be accepted for UNMC.  No grade below “C” will be accepted for Creighton.

Requirements needed to make application to UNMC’s Physical Therapy Program:

Biology                                                                                                 (6 credit hours minimum)

Two biology courses of any type; does not have to be a sequence.


BIOL 1450                                  Biology I                                                                        5 credits

BIOL 1750                                  Biology II                                                           5 credits

BIOL 2440                                  Biology of Microorganisms                                     4 credits

Human Physiology & Anatomy                                                              (8 credit hours minimum)

BIOL 2740 & 2840                        Human Physiology & Anatomy I & II                       4 credits each


PE 2400 & 2500                          Human Physiology & Anatomy I & II                       4 credits each

(May not be taken for on-line credit for UNMC’s Physical Therapy program.)


Chemistry                                                                                             (8 credit hours minimum)

CHEM 1180* & 1184                    General Chemistry I & Lab                                                4 credits

CHEM 1190 & 1194                      General Chemistry II & Lab                                   4 credits

*Requires Math 1310 or placement beyond, plus CHEM 1140 & 1144 or CHEM 1120, or placement beyond as pre-requisites. (May not be taken for on-line credit for UNMC’s Physical Therapy program.)

Physics                                                                                                (8 credit hours minimum)

PHYS 1110* & 1154                     General Physics I & Lab                                        5 credits

PHYS 1120 & 1164                       General Physics II & Lab                                       5 credits


PHYS 2110** & 1154                   General Physics I – Calculus Level & Lab                  5 credits

PHYS 2120*** & 1164                  General Physics II – Calculus Level & Lab                 5 credits

*Requires Math 1310 or placement beyond

**Requires Math 1950 as pre-requisite.    ***Requires Math 1960 as pre-requisite.

(May not be taken for on-line credit for UNMC’s Physical Therapy program.)

Social Sciences                                                                                          (6 credit hours minimum)

Two social science courses, one of which must be:

PSYC 2500*                                Life Span Psychology                                            3 credits

OR PSYC 4440*                           Abnormal Psychology                                           3 credits

*Requires PSYC 1010 as a pre-requisite.


Statistics                                                                                             (3 credit hours minimum)

Choose one:

PSYC 3130                                 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences                       3 credits

SOC 2130                                   Basic Statistics                                                     3 credits

STAT 3000                                  Statistical Methods I                                             3 credits

MATH 1530                                 Intro to Applied Probability & Statistics                     3 credits

BSAD 3160                                 Managerial Statistics for Business                            4 credits

Writing Intensive Course                                                                (3 credit hours recommended)

RECOMMENDED, not required.  May be taught from any area.

Examples: ENGL 2400, ENGL 3980, WRWS 1500, PE 4010 (for Exercise Science majors)…

Upper Division Courses                                                                     (9 credit hours recommended)

Three upper-division courses must be taken from ONE of the following areas: humanities, physical sciences, life sciences, social/behavioral sciences, or education (including professional physical education courses).

Please visit UNMC’s School of Allied Health Professions website at for further details.


Requirements needed to make application to Creighton’s Physical Therapy Program:

90 credits minimum, which must include the following:              

BIOL 1450 & 1750                        Biology I & II                                                       5 credits each

BIOL 2740 & 2840                        Human Physiology & Anatomy I & II                       4 credits each

OR PE 2400 & 2500                     Human Physiology & Anatomy I & II                       4 credits each

CHEM 1180-1184 & 1190-1194      General Chemistry I & II w/Labs                            4 credits each

PHYS 1110-1154 & 1120-1164       General Physics I & II w/Labs                                5 credits each

OR PHYS 2110-1154 & 2120-1164  General Physics I & II (Calc-Based) w/Labs              5 credits each

ENGL 1150/1154 & 1160/1164       English Composition I & II                                     3 credits each

One statistics course from:            PSYC 3130, SOC 2130, STAT 3000, BSAD 3160

or MATH 1530                                         3-4 credits                     

If an applicant will not complete a bachelor’s degree prior to matriculation into Creighton’s Physical Therapy program, then an additional requirement of 3 upper-division courses in a major area of study is needed.  These candidates must identify their major emphasis of study and satisfactorily complete a minimum of 3 upper-division courses toward that major. 

Please visit Creighton’s School of Pharmacy & Health Profession’s website at for further details.