Pre-Respiratory Care Curriculum

Respiratory care is available as an Associate of Science degree at Nebraska Methodist College in Omaha.  Students may apply to the program directly after high school, or may take the courses below to transfer into the program.  If accepted, transfer students would still have about 1-1½ years left at NMC.  Students should contact NMC at 402-354-7200 or 1-800-335-5510 about admission into their respiratory care program.

No grade below C- will be accepted.

Students interested in Alegent Creighton Health School of Respiratory Therapy should contact them at 402-572-2312.

Biological Sciences                                                                              (4 credit hours minimum)

BIOL 2440                                  Biology of Microorganisms                                     4 credits

BIOL 2740                                  Human Physiology & Anatomy I                             4 credits

BIOL 2840                                  Human Physiology & Anatomy II (recommended)     4 credits


Chemical Sciences                                                                               (4 credit hours minimum)

CHEM 1140 & 1144                      Fundamentals of Chemistry & Lab                          5 credits

*Requires Math 1310 or placement beyond as pre-requisites.


Physics                                                                                                (4 credit hours minimum)

PHYS 1050                                 Intro to Physics                                                   4 credits

(Higher level physics may be substituted.)

*It is recommended that students take the lab, PHYS 1054, with the lecture, but it is not required.

Mathematics                                                                                         (3 credit hours minimum)

MATH 1310                                 Intermediate Algebra                                            3 credits

Or MATH 1320                             College Algebra                                                   3 credits

English Composition                                                                             (3 credit hours minimum)

ENGL 1150                                 English Composition I                                           3 credits

Or ENGL 1160 or 1164                  English Composition II                                          3 credits

(Advanced writing composition courses can be substituted, if proficiency is established by examination.)

Humanities                                                                                           (9 credit hours minimum)

            -A course in art (no performance or studio art), literature, music or drama

            -A history course

            -A course in philosophy, religion or anthropology       

Social Sciences                                                                             (6 credit hours minimum)

-PSYC 2500        Life Span Psychology (Psyc 1010 is a pre-req)       3 credits


-SOC 3900          Race & Ethnic Relations in the U.S.               3 credits


SOC 1010          Intro to Sociology                                               3 credits


A course that focuses on the study of a specific culture                   3 credits


Medical Terminology                                                                     (2 credit hours minimum)

--Many places in Omaha offer a Medical Terminology course, including UNMC, Metropolitan Community College, Creighton, Clarkson, and Methodist.