Commercial Real Estate Finance Track

The commercial real estate finance track would be beneficial to students who may want to pursue a career in commercial real estate lending, commercial real estate analysis, or real estate portfolio management, among other sectors of the industry. Commercial mortgage lenders are typically responsible for commercial real estate loan origination, loan analysis and underwriting, and loan servicing or packaging and placement.  They may focus on the office, retail, or multifamily sectors as well as other market segments. Someone in this field may become involved in financing new development or an existing investment property. This career area requires an understanding of commercial real estate finance, appraisals, economic and demographic information, credit analysis, and negotiation skills.

The commercial real estate finance track requires a total of 18 hours of real estate. This includes 15 hours of required courses and an additional three (3) hours of electives as shown below:

Degree Requirements

Required courses

RELU 2410

Real Estate Principles and Practices


RELU 4410

Basic Appraisal Procedures


RELU 4460

Commercial Real Estate Finance


FNBK 3000

Financial Reporting and Analysis


FNBK 3400

Investment Principles and Practices


Subtotal: 15

RELU 2410Real Estate Principles and Practices

3 credits

RELU 4410Basic Appraisal Procedures

3 credits

RELU 4460Commercial Real Estate Finance

3 credits

FNBK 3000Financial Reporting and Analysis

3 credits

FNBK 3400Investment Principles and Practices

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:15


Choose three (3) hours from the following:

RELU 4500

Special Problems in Real Estate and Land Use Economics

2 - 3

RELU 4510

Real Estate Internship

1 - 3

FNBK 3650

Commercial Bank Management


FNBK 4610

Portfolio Management


Subtotal: 3

RELU 4500Special Problems in Real Estate and Land Use Economics

2 - 3 credits

RELU 4510Real Estate Internship

1 - 3 credits

FNBK 3650Commercial Bank Management

3 credits

FNBK 4610Portfolio Management

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:3