Concentration in Media Arts (additional requirements)

BASA Concentration in Media Arts (additional requirements)

Studio Core II (9 hrs.)

ART 2100: Life Drawing I              3

Choose one course from each group:

A) ART 1810: Watercolor I, ART 2110: Life Drawing II, ART 3100: Advanced Drawing I, ART 3410: Elementary Painting, or ART 3510: Elementary Printmaking          3

B ) ART 3200: The Hand Produced Book I: Typography and Book Design,  ART 3250: Patterned Paper, ART 3310: Elementary Sculpture, ART 3530: Papermaking, or ART 3610: Elementary Ceramic 3

Subtotal: 9 

Media Arts Concentration (21 hrs.)

Students must work with a faculty advisor to choose 21 hours from the following list of courses:

ART 3000: Digital Media Production    3

ART 3120: Advanced Intermedia and Digital Art I 3

ART 3140: CGI: Computer Generated Imagery 3

ART 3150: Video Art                   3

ART 3160: Game Design as Art          3

ART 3170: Digital Game Design         3

ART 3520: Photographic Digital Printmaking      3

ART 4010: Special Topics in Studio Art 3

ART 4130: Advanced Intermedia & Digital Art II  3

ART 4140: CGI: Computer Generated Imagery II    3

ART 4180: Advanced Digital Game Design 3

ART 4190: Game Design Studio          3

ART 4530: Art Internship              3

Subtotal: 21

Total ART Credit Hours:  54

Students completing a degree or certificate program from Metropolitan Community College in Design, Interactivity and Media Arts; Photography; or Video/Audio Communications Arts can, upon successfully completing a Portfolio Review, transfer up to 15 semester hours of their specific MCC concentration coursework toward the 21 semester hour UNO Media Arts Concentration.  If transfer hours are accepted toward the 21 hour Media Arts Concentration, additional Concentration hours will be advanced UNO coursework selected in consultation with a UNO faculty advisor.