Department of Music

The Department of Music has programs that fall into two general areas under the Bachelor of Music degree:

•     Music Education

•     Professional degree programs

Students enrolled in the music education tracks are trained to teach music at the elementary, middle school/junior high school, and secondary levels. Within each program there are components designed to help the student develop expertise in performance, music theory, music history, and music education/pedagogy. Students who graduate with degrees in the professional programs receive training that places strong emphasis on the performance aspect (including composition for those in the theory/composition curriculum).

Regardless of the degree program, the department’s goal is to provide a basic foundation in the knowledge and skill in the performance of music, to provide the basic tools for a career in teaching, performing, composing, or writing about music. Since an undergraduate degree in music is not a terminal one, the department does not emphasize specialization in any one of these areas, but rather, offers an intense overview of the various aspects of music leading toward either a career specialization or graduate studies.

The Bachelor of Music with education emphasis leads to K-12 certification enabling the graduate to teach general, choral, and instrumental music at any level. The Bachelor of Music with performance emphasis leads to a concentration in composition, instrumental/keyboard/vocal performance, or music technology. All students must pass an entrance audition on their major instrument or voice and take a keyboard placement test before being admitted as a music major.

Regardless of their program emphasis, all students are required to take a common core of courses and meet a set of other requirements as a basis for their specific concentrations.

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