Option II - Areas of Emphasis Option

Three areas of emphasis (15 hours each) (45)

Option II requires three areas of emphasis of 15 credit hours each. Option II students will have “General Studies” entered as the major field of study on the UNO permanent record. Two of the three selected areas of emphasis must be chosen from those available at UNO (all UNO undergraduate disciplines are eligible for selection). The third area of emphasis may be any recognized collegiate discipline, whether available at UNO or not. Course selection in all three areas is entirely a matter of choice, provided prerequisites for the chosen courses are completed. A minimum of 6 credit hours must be earned in upper division (3000- and 4000-level) courses for each of two of the areas of emphasis. Credits earned under modified grading options such as “credit/no credit” or “pass/fail” cannot be applied toward area of emphasis requirements unless the department gives all students CR/NR or S/U evaluations.

Electives (34)

Electives are the chosen courses not used for other degree requirements. If the total credit value of courses used to satisfy any of the previous requirements happens to exceed the minimum specification (does not come out to an even 12 in humanities, for example), any excess is considered to be elective credit.

Total credit hours required for the BGS degree (120)