Special Credit Programs

Air Force Education & Leave Assistance (AFELA) (formerly “Bootstrap” Program)

This program serves active duty military personnel, bringing U.S. Armed Services personnel to Omaha for a final period of full-time study in pursuit of a college degree. Information about this program may be obtained from military educational services officers.

Offutt Air Force Base Program

The Division of Continuing Studies administers UNO credit-granting courses at Offutt Air Force Base for active military personnel and their dependents as well as civilian employees. Classes lead toward a UNO degree and are scheduled in either 7- or 14-week sessions on weekdays (late afternoons) or evenings and on weekends.

Servicemember’s Opportunity College

The Division of Continuing Studies is a charter member of the Servicemember’s Opportunity College Program, a nationwide effort to make postsecondary education readily available to U.S. Armed Services personnel.