Nebraska Special Services Certificate for Coaching

The Nebraska State Board of Education has authorized the issuance of special services certificate in coaching for non-teachers.  A student may qualify for the special services certificate in coaching after taking the following courses: HED 3030 First Aid, PE 3010 Scientific Principles of Coaching, PE 3040 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries and EDUC 2030 Human Relations.

There will not be a record on your transcript regarding a coaching certificate.  These courses have been selected by the Nebraska Department of Education as those qualifying non-teachers for the Special Services Certificate in Coaching.  A student completing these courses must apply for the certificate directly through the Nebraska Department of Education.  For more information please contact Teacher Certification, Nebraska Department of Education at 402-471-0739 or  There are also brochures available in the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation office in HPER 207.


For more information…

                  Please call 402-554-2670.