Integrated Undergraduate Graduate Track

Program of Study

The IUG track is 141- hour undergraduate-graduate option that allows eligible students to work towards MS in IASC degree requirements while completing their undergraduate degree.  Students interested in this option will work closely with an advisor and a faculty mentor to develop an integrated plan of study. 


General Guidelines

Time of admission to the program:  Students will be eligible for admission to the integrated degree program when they have completed their junior year in the college of IS&T.  Students can apply for consideration in the last part of their junior Year.  Students will start taking courses in the graduate program in their senior year. 


Joint admission:  Students must apply to and meet admission requiremenst of the Master’s Degree in Information Assurance.


Plan of study: In consultation with an advisor and a faculty mentor, students will be required to prepare a plan of study.  The plan will cover the entire period of the Master’s Degree in Information Assurance. 


Advising:  Students will present their pan of study in person to the Graduate Program Committee for the IA Master’s degree program prior to being admitted to the program. 


Tuition charges:  Students will be required to pay graduate tuition rates when taking graduate courses. 


Admission Requirements and Procedures

  1. Students with junior standing and at least 85-90 hours completed coursework in their undergraduate degree program may apply for admission consideration into the integrated undergraduate/graduate (IUG) track.  Students pursuing the undergraduate degree in IASC are automatically eligible to apply.  Students pursuing undergraduate degree in MIS or Computer Science with an Information Assurance (IASC) concentration may also be eligible for this track option and can apply to the IASC GPC for permission to apply. 
  2. Interested students will be required to present a “portfolio” of the following credentials.  Whenever possible, candidate students will be required to present their “portfolio” in a presentation to the IUG Selection Committee.
    1. Three letters of recommendation, at least two from faculty.
    2. Statement of intent- a personal statement about why the student wishes to apply for the IUG track.
    3. Undergraduate Transcript
    4. Other supporting documents (e.g. , resume, projects and papers, software, work experience, etc.) should be included where possible.
    5. Students are highly encourages to identify and work with a faculty mentor who knows their background and can champion their application to the IUG track. 
    6. All applicants will need to meet any other admission requirements established for the MS in IASC program.

Other Requirements:

  • The application to the IUG track will be considered as a complete package and therefore obtaining a high undergraduate GPA and or/GMAT/GRE score is not a guarantee of admission.
  • Students are allowed to use a maximum of 12 hours of IASC/CSCI/CIST 8xx5 or IASC/CSCI/CIST 8xx6 courses towards the undergraduate degree.