Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis

The study of Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis involves application of computers, mathematics, statistics, and other quantitative techniques in the solution of a wide variety of business problems. While computer science often concentrates on building the computer tools which make computers useful, it is information systems and quantitative analysis which specifically focuses on effectively applying these tools in the solution of everyday business problems.

The discipline of information systems (IS) includes the acquisition, deployment and management of information systems resources. IS encompasses the development, implementation and management of computers, communications and data for organization-wide systems as well as departmental and individual technology systems. It also includes the responsibility for acquiring new information technology and incorporating it in the organization’s strategy, planning and practices.

IS also includes the development and evolution of organizational infrastructure and systems to support organizational processes by applying methods, techniques and technology. The creation of information systems requires innovative and quality human machine systems and interfaces as well as recognition of socio-technical design issues and change management.