Technical Communication Certificate

Department of English and School of Communication, College of Arts & Sciences

Vision Statement

The Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication is designed for graduate students and industry professionals seeking a foundation in the theory and practice of Technical Communication. This foundation provides students with the kinds of competencies expected from technical communication professionals, including writing, editing, design, and software applications.

The Technical Communication Certificate is designed for the following students:

  • Part- and full-time UNO students pursuing graduate degrees, who are seeking a cognate area outside, but relevant to, their primary program of study;
  • Industry professionals seeking to develop the knowledge and skills for a career in Technical Communication; and
  • Business or technical professionals seeking to enhance their employment opportunities through a professional development program.

Program Contact Information:

Dr. Tracy Bridgeford, Graduate Program Chair (GPC)

Arts & Science Hall (ASH) 192


Application Deadlines:

Applications for this program are accepted on a rolling basis. All materials must be submitted prior to the beginning of the semester in which the student has elected to begin coursework.

Program-Specific Requirements:

  • Applicants must have completed a baccalaureate degree in English or a related degree with at least a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) GPA
  • Statement of Purpose
    • The statement, about 500-1000 words, should articulate the applicant’s career goals regarding interest in technical communication, any relevant work or life experience, reason for pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication, and anything else that might help convey the applicant’s personality, spirit, or intellectual character
  • Writing Sample
    • Preferably a technical document such as a report; an academic essay is also acceptable
  • If an applicant has been admitted to either the MA in English or the MA in Communication, neither an application fee nor transcripts are required

Degree Requirements

Required Courses (9 hours):

ENGL 8816/ENGL 4810Digital Literacies for Technical Communicators

3 credits

ENGL 8836/ENGL 4830/JMC 4830/JMC 8836Technical Communication

3 credits

ENGL 8856/ENGL 4850/JMC 4850/JMC 8856Information Design for Technical Communicators

3 credits

or other approved courses in consultation with your advisor.

Electives (6 hours):

ENGL 8896/ENGL 4890/JMC 4890/JMC 8896Capstone Course in Technical Communication

3 credits

SPCH 8156/SPCH 4150Corporate Training and Development

3 credits

SPCH 8196/SPCH 4190Computer-Mediated Communication

3 credits

SPCH 8536/SPCH 4530Intercultural Communication-US

3 credits

ENGL 8876/JMC 4870/JMC 8876/ENGL 4870Technical Editing

3 credits

Some courses from English or the School of Communication may be substituted with the director's approval.

Cert-TECC Exit Requirements:

Students will assemble a portfolio representing their achievement in the five courses (15 hours). The portfolio will contain at least one writing sample/project from each course and will be reviewed by the Technical Communication program director and one other member of the Graduate Faculty from the Department of English or the School of Communication. Faculty teaching these courses will be aware of this portfolio requirement and will assign work that can be used as part of the portfolio (e.g., a report, user’s manual, web site, etc.).

Total Credit Hours: 15