Audit Registration Policies and Procedures

All persons wishing to audit a course must be admitted and eligible to enroll in classes for the term in which they audit. Students may only register to audit a course on or after the first day of the semester. Audit students may not participate in recitation, turn in papers, or take examinations. Academic credit is not awarded for audited courses nor do they apply in counting hours for full- or half-time status. Foreign language and physical education activity courses cannot be taken on an audit basis. Audit registration is subject to available class space, requires the written permission of the instructor, and must be done in person at the Records and Registration Office, Eppley Administration Building 105. Audit tuition is one half of the applicable resident undergraduate or graduate tuition rate. The half-price tuition rate for audit courses is available only during the first week of the semester. Audit enrollments are assessed the same student fees as credit enrollments. Likewise, audits are refunded at the same rate as credit enrollments.

Students who register to take a course for credit and change to audit after the first week of class will be required to pay the full applicable tuition rate.