Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs of the University of Nebraska at Omaha is responsible for developing and maintaining programs and services to ensure the successful recruitment, retention and graduation of underrepresented students. Through scholarship aid, academic and personal support students are empowered to attain their educational and professional goals. Collaborative efforts within the University and with the greater Omaha metropolitan community aid to ensure an inclusive environment where shared understanding is facilitated, knowledge is expanded and appreciation for varied perspectives is cultivated. 


The Summer Scholars Program provides college bound high school juniors the opportunity to enroll in a course at UNO to earn college credits, prepare for college life and connect with University of Nebraska at Omaha faculty, staff and students.  The goal of the Summer Scholars Program is to expose high school students to the dynamics of a college campus environment through a five-week pre-college summer session.

Participants learn about college academic course work, time management, college admissions, ACT/SAT preparation, college scholarships and the financial aid process. They interact with university faculty and staff, explore career options and participate in community service activities. In addition to the academic benefits of the program, the scholars receive an increased awareness of social and cultural issues.

Outside of the classroom, the Summer Scholars spend a week living at the Scott Residence Hall on UNO’s Pacific Street campus. 

Scholarship Programs

The Davis/Chambers Scholarship recognizes the most academically talented students from diverse backgrounds that find the financial requirements of post-secondary education an obstacle. Awarded for the first time in 1990, the Davis/Chambers Scholarship is already recognized as one of the University's most important ways of honoring outstanding Nebraska students.

The Isaacson Incentive Scholarship funded by the Jacob J. and Dossie M. Isaacson Estate, was established to recognize the academic achievements of talented students throughout the Omaha area, while encouraging their enrollment at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Both scholarships provide financial support for distinguished undergraduate students.

Student Services


Master Success is a skills-based developmental program designed to assist recipients of the Davis/Chambers and Isaacson Scholarships in achieving their academic goals and prepare for a successful transition into the professional world. Master Success provides student-centered workshops designed to develop and maintain the skills and strategies necessary for the successful completion of a four-year degree.


Academic Support is available to ensure the academic success of under-represented students. More specifically, Multicultural Affairs objective is to equip students with the academic skills necessary to successfully graduate from the University. Students learn to become the CEO of their college career through workshops on self-advocacy training, note-taking and test preparation strategies, time management, creating learning communities through groups and networking with peers, faculty and career professionals.


Cultural Programs

Diversity of programs to meet the needs of our diverse student body.

Community Outreach

Partnering with our various diverse population to ensure there is a connection between the community and the university.