Pre-Interior Design - Pre-professional Program

This two semester pre-professional program is for the student interested in becoming a professional interior designer. The professional interior designer is a person qualified by education, experience and examination to:

  • identify, research and creatively solve problems pertaining to the function and quality of the interior environment;
  • perform services relative to interior spaces, including programming, design analysis, space planning and aesthetics, using specialized knowledge of interior construction, building systems and components, building codes, equipment, materials and furnishings; and
  • prepare all drawings and documents relative to the design of interior spaces in order to enhance and protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

A minimum of 30 semester hours and the completion of the pre-interior design program is required for admission to the UNL interior design program. Preparations for the bachelor of science in design degree program can best be achieved by completing the following UNO courses as a pre-interior design student enrolled in the College of Architecture.

Degree Requirements

First Year

First Semester

DSGN 1010Introduction to Design

2 credits

DSGN 1100Design Thinking

3 credits

DSGN 1230Computer Applications in Design

3 credits

MATH 1930Calculus for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences

3 credits

ENGL 1150/ENGL 1154English Composition I

3 credits


ENGL 1160/ENGL 1164English Composition II

3 credits

Total Credit Hours:14

First Year

Second Semester

DSGN 1400History of Design

3 credits

DSGN 1110Design Making

4 credits

DSGN 1200Design Drawing

3 credits

SPCH 1110Public Speaking Fundamentals

3 credits

ACE Elective 6, 8 or 9


Total Credit Hours:16

ACE = Achievement Centered Education. See Architecture College adviser to coordinate University of Nebraska-Lincoln ACE electives.

Upon successful completion of one year of the pre-professional pre-interior design studies and admission to the College of Architecture, students may apply for admission to the second year of study in interior design and transfer to the UNL campus at the end of their first year.