Pre-Landscape Architecture Pre-professional Program

This two semester pre-professional transfer program is for the student interested in becoming a professional landscape architect.

The goal of the Landscape Architecture Program is to nurture responsible citizens to address the complexity of world issues that face our discipline through creative and transformational design. Students will:

  • achieve academic excellence so qualities of intellectual curiosity, open communication, personal responsibility, collegiality and the skills to work individually and with other’s are held to rigorously high standards;
  • receive the educational foundation for a professional career instilled with insightful design and planning ability, key technical skills, ethical judgment, and an ever-enhancing understanding of landscape architecture; and
  • be grounded in a broad base of knowledge within the curriculum, emphasizing connections among subjects that relate to and inform landscape architecture, thereby enabling investigative and problem-solving on all scales in a creative manner

The study of landscape architecture at UNO is limited to the two semester pre-landscape architecture program because of the highly structured nature of the professional program in landscape architecture at the UNL campus. The required courses for the second through fourth years of the professional program are not available on the UNO campus. For this reason, students wishing to pursue the Professional Program in Landscape Architecture must apply for admission to the second year of study in landscape architecture and transfer to the UNL campus at the end of their first year.

A minimum of 30 semester hours and the completion of the pre-landscape architecture program is required for admission to the UNL landscape architecture program.

Degree Requirements

First Year-First Semester

First Semester

DSGN 1010Introduction to Design

2 credits

DSGN 1100Design Thinking

3 credits

DSGN 1230Computer Applications in Design

3 credits

MATH 1930Calculus for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences

3 credits

ENGL 1150/ENGL 1154English Composition I

3 credits


ENGL 1160/ENGL 1164English Composition II

3 credits

First Year-Second Semester

Second Semester

DSGN 1400History of Design

3 credits

DSGN 1110Design Making

4 credits

DSGN 1200Design Drawing

3 credits

SPCH 1110Public Speaking Fundamentals

3 credits

ACE Elective 6, 8 or 9


ACE = Achievement Centered Education. See Architecture College adviser to coordinate University of Nebraska-Lincoln ACE electives.