Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Students interested in specializing in mathematics and intending to do either graduate work in mathematics or work in business and industry will be interested in this degree. The degree with a major in the mathematical sciences consists of 47 hours of required courses in mathematics and computer science. Both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts have a No Concentration/Concentration option, with each Concentration defined by the required upper division math courses.

The Bachelor of Science degree requires 18 hours in cognate courses outside the Math Department and approved by the department Curriculum Committee as a cohesive group of courses, normally with at least 9 hours 3000 or 4000 level.

The Bachelor of Arts degree, in lieu of a cognate area, requires foreign language through the intermediate level.

Double Majors: If planned correctly, some disciplines, such as Computer Science, Engineering, and Math 7-12 Teaching endorsement, require few, if any, additional math courses beyond what is required for the major.  Please see “Other Information” for more details.

Courses required for major (core curriculum):

MATH 1950Calculus I

5 credits

MATH 1960Calculus II

5 credits

MATH 1970Calculus III

4 credits

MATH 2050Applied Linear Algebra

3 credits

MATH 2230Introduction to Abstract Mathematics

3 credits

MATH 2350Differential Equations

3 credits


Two of the following: (may not include both CIST 1400 and MATH 2200)

CIST 1400Introduction to Computer Programming

3 credits

CSCI 1620Introduction to Computer Science II

3 credits

MATH 2200Mathematical Computing 1

3 credits

MATH 3200Mathematical Computing II

3 credits

No Concentration Option:

An additional 18 credit hours of approved upper-level courses which must include Math 3230, Introduction to Analysis, as well as 9 credit hours at the 4000 level.

Suggested Upper Division Specialty Areas May Include: Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Operations Research, Statistics, Traditional Mathematics, Education