Data Science Concentration

This concentration is recommended for students interested in a career as a data science professional or to pursue graduate study in disciplines with a strong data analysis component.

In addition to Math 3230, Introduction to Analysis, the 18 hours of upper-level courses must include: 

MATH 4740/MATH 8746Introduction to Probability and Statistics I

3 credits

MATH 4750/MATH 8756Introduction to Probability and Statistics II

3 credits


One 3 hour elective from the following:

MATH 4300/CSCI 8306/CSCI 4300/MATH 8306Deterministic Operations Research Models

3 credits

MATH 4310/CSCI 8316/MATH 8316/CSCI 4310Probabilistic Operations Research Models

3 credits

Cognate Area: One approved statistics course from outside the Math Department, along with one of the following three options:


1. Minor in Business Administration
2. Minor in Management Information Systems
3. 15 hours of an approved Cognate Area outside the Math Department