Statistics Concentration

This concentration is recommended for students interested in the theoretical and practical aspects of statistics, particularly those students who are interested in pursuing graduate study in statistics or biostatistics.

In addition to Math 3230, Introduction to Analysis, the 18 hours of upper-level courses must include: 

MATH 4740/MATH 8746Introduction to Probability and Statistics I

3 credits

MATH 4750/MATH 8756Introduction to Probability and Statistics II

3 credits


The remaining 3 courses can be chosen from the following list of 7, with at least 2 from group A.


Group A:

Group B:

MATH 3100/CSCI 8105/MATH 8105/CSCI 3100Applied Combinatorics

3 credits

MATH 4310/CSCI 8316/MATH 8316/CSCI 4310Probabilistic Operations Research Models

3 credits

MATH 4900Independent Studies

1 - 3 credits

Cognate Area: 15 hours of courses outside the Math Department that contains statistical components, as discussed with advisor and approved by the Math Department Curriculum Committee.