The study of neuroscience is one of the most rapidly growing areas of life sciences, reflecting the importance of the fundamental and applied interest in how the nervous system is coordinated and regulated. The field of neuroscience examines the physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, development, growth, maintenance, and evolution of nervous system processes.


Students working toward completion of this degree will be able to concentrate in one of two tracks (Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience or Integrative Behavioral Science) or take courses that provide a blended combination of these complementary areas of neuroscience. The major provides both content and hands-on experience in various areas of neuroscience, and is an excellent choice for students with interests in pursuing neuroscience-related graduate programs, health careers (for example, students with post-graduate aspirations for attending medical, PA, dental, veterinary, or nursing school), or careers in private industry. Students will emerge from the major with the ability to think across disciplines, to formulate questions and seek answers, to interpret data and draw conclusions, and to effectively communicate the outcome of these processes to a larger audience. This suite of skills makes neuroscience majors eligible for a variety of career opportunities both within and outside the discipline of neuroscience.


Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

Other information

All coursework taken for the neuroscience major must be completed with a grade of “C-“ or better.


Note for Double Majors in Neuroscience and Psychology or Neuroscience and Biology:

Beyond the neuroscience fundamentals courses, students cannot use a 3000/4000 course to count toward both majors.


The Psychology Department, ASH 347


Biology Department, AH 114

Neuroscience Director, Dr. Jeff French: 402-554-2558



Student Group

Nu Rho Psi – National Honor Society in Neuroscience