Women's and Gender Studies Program


The UNO Women’s and Gender Studies Program empowers individuals and communities through the collaborative work of students and faculty, who together study and explore all women’s lives and all constructions of gender across time, place, and culture, using a feminist lens. Our interdisciplinary faculty teaches a curriculum that emphasizes the intersections of gender with race/ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic class, ability levels, sexuality, and additional dimensions of difference.

Our program employs the tools of different disciplines, including communication, arts and humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and history. Graduating students are prepared for many opportunities beyond graduation.

We envision a world in which differences offer paths to meaningful and fulfilling contributions.


Women’s and Gender Studies is a liberal arts degree. It prepares students for a wide variety of career and avocational paths. Graduates of this program are employed in non-profit organizations and small businesses, the local arts community and counseling. Some are pursuing advanced degrees in law, nursing, and occupational therapy.

Degree Offered:

Bachelor of Arts in women’s and gender studies

Minor Offered:

Women’s and Gender Studies minor

Other information

All coursework taken for the women’s and gender studies major or minor must be completed with a grade of “C-“ or better.


Women’s and Gender Studies Program Director 402 554 3834;

Arts and Sciences Hall (ASH) 307A



     Student Groups

Although Women’s and Gender Studies does not sponsor a student group, students pursuing the major or minor in Women’s and Gender Studies often become involved with campus organizations such as the Women’s Resource Center and Woman to Woman International – Omaha Chapter.

     Special requirements

Students learn from a multidisciplinary faculty drawn from across campus; each instructor has applied and been admitted to the Women’s and Gender Studies faculty. Courses presented for credit toward the minor or major must have been taught by a member of the Women’s and Gender Studies faculty. Students should select WGST electives in consultation with their major adviser.