Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Entrepreneurship Concentration is for students interested in starting, owning, and/or operating a business venture as well as students interested in serving entrepreneurial ventures as consultants, bankers, accountants, and marketing professionals.  The entrepreneurship concentration has a practical emphasis designed to assist students in developing and operating their new and/or small ventures. Courses in this concentration lead students through the different processes of getting into business, addresses important operating issues relevant to the running of day-to-day activities of a venture, and discuss the important topic of planning for business growth and development.  For this concentration, students complete a total of eighteen (18) credit hours including nine (9) credit hours in required concentration courses, three (3) credit hours in sales-focused courses, and six (6) credit hours in concentration electives.

Entrepreneurship Concentration Required Courses (9 credit hours): 

MGMT 3710Entrepreneurial Foundations

3 credits

FNBK 3330Entrepreneurial Finance

3 credits

MGMT 4730New Venture Formation

3 credits

Entrepreneurship Concentration Required Sales-Focused Courses (3 credit hours): 

MGMT 4760Entrepreneurial Selling

3 credits

MKT 3100Professional Selling

3 credits

Entrepreneurship Concentration Elective Courses (6 credit hours):
MGMT 4000Special Topics in Management

1 - 5 credits

MKT 4000Special Topics in Marketing

1 - 5 credits

And Either

MGMT 4750Social Entrepreneurship

3 credits


MGMT 4530Entrepreneurship Internship

1 - 3 credits

**MGMT 4000 Special Topics in Management can be taken more than once and may include the following topics: Special Topics in Entrepreneurship, Project Management, or any other department-approved topic.

Entrepreneurship Minor (for non-business students)

For information on the Entrepreneurship Minor for non-business students, see the Other Business Concentrations and Minors section.