Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (BASA) and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) each requires a minimum of 120 credit hours of course work.


The BASA provides a general liberal arts degree program with specialization in studio art.  For the BASA, 54 of the required 120 credit hours are in ART courses.


The BFA provides a more extensive, well-rounded, performance-oriented art background which prepares students for a professional life in fine arts and post graduate study.  For the BFA, 78 of the required 120 credit hours are ART classes. 


To be admitted to the BFA program, a student must have declared an applicable studio art concentration or K-12 certification and meet other eligibility requirements (see the Department web site or a Department advisor for details).


NOTE:  In order for BFA students to graduate in 120 total credit hours, the 6 hours used to fulfill the University Diversity requirement must be courses which also fulfill University General Education Distribution requirements.



In addition to the University General Education requirements, Studio Art majors are required to complete courses listed below.  Courses used to fulfill University General Education requirements, if they are applicable, may be used to satisfy Department specific requirements.

General Electives

As needed to meet 120 credit hour minimum requirement.