Minor in Visual Communication and Culture

Students may earn a minor in visual communication and culture by taking 18 to 21 hours in classes approved by an adviser to align with the underlying philosophy of the minor. Six of the hours must include Introduction to Visual Communication and Culture (JOUR 3700) and Visual Communication and Culture Capstone (JOUR 4200). The remaining 12 to 15 credits will come from both within the School of Communication (at least six credits/two classes) and outside the school (at least six credits/two classes).


Courses may not be used both for the VCC minor and other major or minor programs, without approval from both VCC and major advisers. For students who are majoring in the School of Communication, courses may not be used for the VCC minor and a student’s general education requirements. School of Communication classes that journalism and media communication majors apply toward the VCC minor must come from communication studies. School of Communication classes that communication studies majors apply toward the minor must come from journalism and media communication. All courses in the minor must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher.