Certificate in Information Technology Administration

Prerequisite Courses

  • 1 semester of database management (ISQA 3310 or IS-201)
  • 1 semester of data or file structures (CSCI 3320/ISQA 3300 or IS-102)
  • 1 semester of data communications (ISQA 3400 or IS-105)
  • 2 semesters of programming

Core Courses (14 hours)

IS-204 (UiA)IT Resource Operations

5 credits

ISQA 4300/ISQA 8306Database Administration

3 credits

ISQA 4380Distributed Technologies and Systems

3 credits

And Either

IASC 3350Security Administration - Linux

3 credits


IASC 3370Security Administration - Windows

3 credits

NOTE: Provided the total number of credits is 14 hours or greater, the following substitutions will be accepted:

IS-203 (UiA) Advanced Database Systems (5 hours) can substitute for ISQA 4300;

IS-209 Systems Administration with Free Software (2 hours) can substitute for IASC 3350