Bachelor of Science in IT Innovation (BITI)

The ITIN program involves the study of entrepreneurship as it relates to IT and an individual field of interest.  Courses in this degree program are listed in the catalog as IT Innovation (ITIN).

Why major in IT Innovation?

  • If you want flexibility in designing your own curriculum.
  • If you want to take more courses that are aligned with your career goals.
  • If you want to be prepared to practice being an entrepreneur (an ambitious leader who combines their ideas with labor and capital to create and market new goods or services).
  • If you want to be prepared to practice being an intrepreneur (using entrepreneurial skills as an employee within an established organization).
  • If you want to appeal to a wide variety of potential employers.

The IT Innovation Degree has Three Simple but Distinguishing Features

  • You pick 33 credit hours from anywhere on campus that line up with your career goals.
  • You participate in seminars, workshops, and conferences on entrepreneurship.
  • You take a solid core of IT courses, plus a 2-semester senior capstone course where:
    • You have an idea for a new IT product or service.
    • You document your ideas’ technical and market feasibility.
    • You carry your idea through to prototype stage.

A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for the degree. Thirty of the last 36 hours required for the degree must be registered for and carried at UNO. Registration in courses without having taken the stated prerequisites could result in administrative withdrawal. To obtain a BITI a student must fulfill certain University, college and departmental requirements listed below.

Degree Requirements

University Requirements (Gen Ed)                                     47 hours (-15 hours Gen Ed)

Diversity courses can be double-dipped with humanities and social sciences (-3 hours Gen Ed)

Prerequisite/ Free Electives                                                4 hours

College of IS&T Courses                                                   45 hours (-9 hours Gen Ed)

Mathematics Courses                                                        6 hours (-3 hours Gen Ed)  

Area of Focus                                                                  33 hours

Total hours                           135 hours (-15 hours Gen Ed) = 120

Prerequisite / Free electives (4 hours)
CSCI 1200Computer Science Principles

3 credits


CIST 1300Introduction to Web Development

3 credits

*NOTE: CSCI 1200 counts towards Natural Science requirement.

College of IS&T Courses (45 hours)
ITIN 1110Introduction to IT Innovation

3 credits

IASC 1100Introduction to Information Security

3 credits

CIST 1400Introduction to Computer Programming

3 credits

CSCI 1620Introduction to Computer Science II

3 credits


3 credits

CIST 2100Organizations, Applications and Technology

3 credits

ITIN 2220Applied IT Innovation

3 credits

CIST 2500Introduction to Applied Statistics for IS&T

3 credits

CIST 3110Information Technology Ethics

3 credits

ITIN 3330Mobile Software Design and Development

3 credits

ISQA 3310Managing the Data Base Environment

3 credits

ITIN 4440Agile Development Methods

3 credits

ISQA 4880Systems Simulation and Modeling

3 credits

ITIN 4990Information Technology Innovation Capstone Project Part II

3 credits

NOTE: *IASC 1100 counts towards Global Diversity requirement

            *CIST 2100 counts towards Social Sciences requirement

            *CIST 3110 counts towards Humanities requirements

Area of Focus (33 hours)*


*Approval of undergraduate program committee members required prior to enrollment of courses.


Advanced Writing Course

All students are required to take an advanced writing course within their major.  IT Innovation majors have to take CIST 3000 Advanced Composition for IS&T.