University Honors Program Requirements (Fall 2015)

Required Courses

Class Name

Semester Taken



HONR 3000 [1]

HONR 3000

Honors Only

Ex. ENGL 2160-099

Other [2]

Other [2]

Other [2]

Other [2]

Thesis/Capstone/Practicum with presentation at symposium [3]


= at least 24 Credits

=3.5 or higher GPA

  • Course grade must be at least a “B” to receive Honors Credit.
  • All incoming first-year students are required to take an honors-only course in their first semester.
  • All students must complete a portfolio of their efforts by their last semester. It must attest to their achievements in Undergraduate Research, Community Engagement, and Campus Citizenship.
  • Students are expected to undertake at least one Honors course/option each semester at UNO; students may sit out of Honors for ONE semester without losing Honors priority registration privileges.
  • Students can undertake up to 2 contract options each semester and up to 12 credit hours total by contract.

[1] Colloquia are interdisciplinary courses offered by the University Honors Program.

[2] Additional Colloquium, Honors-only courses or Contracts, available on most courses (see separate guidelines). Honors Internship (must be coordinated with Honors office as enhanced experience beyond credit-earning internship, 3-6 credits). Non-credit options include (no more than 1 non-credit option allowed) Honors Tutoring (earns 3 Honors credit hours through serving UNO) or Study Abroad (12 credits earned abroad can earn 3 hours of Honors credit by a public presentation and written reflection following the experience). See Honors Program Handbook for full details.

[3] Individual thesis/capstone/creative/practicum/student teaching experience (3-6 credits; may be dual-listed with approved departmental thesis/capstone).