University Honors Program Requirements Transfer Students (Fall 2015) (available ONLY to students who already have 50 earned credit hours from an institution other than UNO)

Required Courses

Class Name

Semester Taken



HONR 3000 [1]

HONR 3000

Other [2]


Thesis/Capstone with presentation at symposium [3]


= at least 15 Credits

=3.5 GPA

  • Course grade must be at least a “B” to receive Honors Credit.
  • All students must complete a portfolio of their efforts by their last semester. It must attest to their achievements in Undergraduate Research Experience, Community Engagement, and Campus Citizenship.
  • Students are expected to undertake at least one Honors course/option each semester at UNO; students may sit out of Honors for ONE semester without losing Honors priority registration privileges.

1  Colloquia are interdisciplinary courses offered by the University Honors Program.
2  Additional Colloquium or Honors-only courses are available; contracts are also available on most courses (see separate guidelines). Honors Internship (must be coordinated with Honors office as enhanced experience beyond credit-earning internship, must provide written reflection and public presentation of experience, 3-6 credits) is another option. Non-credit options include (no more than 1 non-credit option allowed): Honors Tutoring (earns 3 Honors credit hours through serving UNO); Study Abroad (12 credits earned abroad can provide 3 hours of Honors credit by a public presentation and written reflection following the experience).
3  Individual thesis/capstone/creative/practicum experience (3-6 credits; may be dual-listed with approved departmental thesis/capstone).