Nebraska System Students

Transferring Change of Campus Students

Students previously or currently enrolled at another University of Nebraska campus desiring to transfer to UNO must complete the Change of Campus form available online at and a UNO Application for Admission. By completing the Change of Campus form and following the instructions, credentials from the previous or current campus will be transferred to UNO. In general, credits and grades earned at other University of Nebraska campuses will be accepted, computed into the student’s NU grade point average and will become a part of the permanent record from which official transcripts will be made. There is no application fee.

Students who are provisionally admitted pending the receipt of all final official transcripts required for admission must certify they will meet the minimum admission criteria for the college/major to which they are admitted. By submitting the Undergraduate Application for Admission, the student is certifying, to the best of their knowledge, they meet the minimum admission requirement to the college/ major for which they have applied. After all transfer credits are received and evaluated, if a student does not meet the minimum required grade point average for the college/major in which they applied/enrolled, their program of study will be changed by the Office of Admissions. A delay or failure to provide an official transcript from each institution previously attended will result in an enrollment hold. Any student providing a transcript indicating suspension or dismissal within the last year will be disenrolled from classes and any tuition paid to date for the semester would be refunded.

Many UNO colleges have minimum GPA and other additional requirements. Refer to the application or the “Admissions Requirements for Selected Undergraduate Colleges” section for these requirements. Failure to meet the minimum GPA requirement for a desired program may result in admission delays. To avoid these delays, select a college/major program for which requirements have been met. Students placed on academic suspension or those dismissed from any institution within the last calendar year will be denied admission regardless of the student’s eligibility to return to the prior institution.


Visiting Inter-Campus Students

  1. All visiting students from any of the University of Nebraska campuses must complete the Inter-Campus Application form, available online at
  2. The student must have approval from the home campus advisor and the Student Accounts office.
  3. A new online Inter-Campus Application form must be submitted to the UNO Office of Admissions each semester a student wishes to enroll as an Inter-Campus student.
  4. All financial holds from the degree-granting campus must be cleared before submitting the Inter-Campus Application.
  5. Inter-campus students who have been placed on academic suspension at any of the University of Nebraska campuses during the last calendar year are not eligible to enroll at UNO.

Former UNO Students

Former UNO students who have not been enrolled at UNO within the last two years must complete an Application for Undergraduate Admission. Another application fee is not required. Former UNO students will be exempt from meeting the freshman admission standards if not previously admitted under the Fall 1997 admission standards (all prior deficiencies must be completed per their initial admission agreement). Applicants will be readmitted into the University into the selected UNO college program for which they are eligible for enrollment. Many UNO colleges have a minimum GPA requirement of 2.00 or above, as well as some additional requirements. For specific admission requirements to the colleges, please consult the degree requirements section in this catalog.

  1. Readmission Criteria
    1. The Admissions Office denies readmission to any student under academic suspension who has been out of school less than one calendar year.
    2. Students who have been academically suspended from UNO should contact the Registrar’s Office for reinstatement information.
    3. Many of UNO’s undergraduate colleges have additional admission requirements. See the section entitled “Admissions Requirements for Selected Undergraduate Colleges”.
  2. Documents Required
    1. Application for Admission (Undergraduate Application) available online at
    2. If the student has attended other colleges since last attending UNO, official college transcripts are required.

Recent UNO Graduates

All UNO graduates must submit a new application to continue their undergraduate studies.