Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require a student attending an educational institution maintain satisfactory progress in the degree program he/she is pursuing in order to receive federal financial assistance. The purpose of these regulations is to ensure limited federal financial assistance is disbursed only to those students sincere about pursuing and obtaining their educational objectives.

In order to comply with these regulations, the University of Nebraska at Omaha has established the following Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy. All continuing and former students who apply for financial aid must meet these standards before federal assistance can be authorized. Entering freshman and transfer students may receive financial aid for their first semester of UNO course work without meeting these standards.

The standards for continuing and former students will be checked following the completion of each spring semester.


•  A student must successfully complete (“D” grade or higher) at least 67 percent of the total credit hours for which he/she has attempted at UNO, plus any transfer hours accepted from other schools, upon completion of the Spring 2014 semester. Grades of Failing (F); No-Credit Failing (NC); No Report (NR); In Progress (IP); Unsatisfactory Failing (U); Incomplete (I); Withdrew (W and WX); and Audit (AU), are considered unsuccessful completion of credit hours attempted.


•  A student must be in “good academic standing” at UNO. For undergraduates, this is defined as having an earned UNO cumulative GPA of at least 2.00. For graduate students, this is defined as having an earned UNO cumulative GPA of at least 3.00.


•  A student pursuing an undergraduate degree program may not receive further financial aid if more than 180 undergraduate credit hours have been attempted. A student pursuing a graduate degree may not receive financial aid if more than 70 credit hours have been attempted. A student pursuing a doctoral degree may not receive financial aid if more than 125 credit hours have been attempted.


Attempted hours include both hours attempted at UNO and any transfer hours accepted from other schools you have attended. All credit hours for repeated courses will be included in the attempted hours calculation. Also, if the number of credit hours a student still needs to graduate, in addition to the number of hours a student has already attempted exceeds the maximum attempted hour total above, the student’s aid eligibility will be cancelled.


•  A course retaken beyond the first retake of a previously passed course cannot be included in the
            credit hour total when determining the total number of hours for disbursement of aid. “W” grades are

            not considered in this retake calculation, even though they are considered in the completion rate


Reinstatement of Eligibility

Failure to meet one or more of the SAP standards, students will be ineligible to receive financial aid, and will be notified by email. If students have incurred circumstances such as a death of a close family member, serious illness or injury to yourself, or other serious extenuating circumstances which they feel have significantly contributed to their academic situation, they may appeal their cumulative GPA issue or failure to meet the 67% completion rate criteria. Appeals will not be allowed for maximum credit hour issues or multiple retake issues.

Appeal Procedures:


1.      Appeals must be typed and submitted to the UNO Office of Financial Support and Scholarships using the UNO SAP Appeal Form. The appeal should be submitted within 30 days of the SAP email notification.


2.     The appeal must provide a full explanation of why the standards were not originally met, and what changes students have made to ensure all SAP standards will be met in future semesters. Supporting documentation may be supplied with their appeal submission.


3.       No more than three appeals will be allowed per student per entire academic career at UNO.


Possible Appeal Outcomes:

All appeal determinations by the Office of Financial Support and Scholarships are final.


1.     Appeal Denied: If the appeal is denied, students will receive an email notification as to what steps they can take, if any, to regain aid eligibility.


2.      SAP Probation: Financial aid eligibility is reinstated for one semester only, with the expectation that all SAP standards will be met after that semester. Upon review, if all SAP standards are not being met in this timeframe, students will then become ineligible for aid.


3.      SAP Academic Plan: In cases where an appeal is approved, but it is not possible to meet all SAP standards in one semester, students will be prescribed an individualized academic plan. Students will remain aid eligible as long as they continue to meet the plan. If students cease to meet the plan criteria before they meet the minimum SAP standards, they will then become ineligible for aid.


The University of Nebraska and its campuses have promulgated various policies, regulations, statements of purpose and operation, while adhering to the principles deemed necessary for functioning as institutions of higher education. The University of Nebraska at Omaha, with the counsel and advice of students, faculty and staff, has identified and compiled what are thought to be some of the most basic and important statements of policy especially as they relate to students.


To create greater awareness among and for convenience to students, a number of basic policies have been compiled into a Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities. While most, but not necessarily all, policies pertaining to students’ rights and responsibilities are contained herein, students are urged to become familiar with all documents pertinent to the University of Nebraska in general and to UNO in particular.

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