The Center for Afghanistan Studies

The Center for Afghanistan Studies (CAS) serves as the only institutional base in the United States specifically and exclusively concerned with Afghan affairs. The Center has unique resources in the following areas: research concerning Afghan culture and education; collecting, classifying and writing of materials on Afghanistan; disseminating information on Afghanistan to other institutions; language translations; and providing consultation and expert advice on matters related to Afghanistan.

Center staff assisted in establishing the Arthur Paul Afghanistan Collection at UNO's Criss Library. This collection is what many consider to be the finest collection of Afghan primary and secondary materials in North America.

The Center serves as a base for teacher, literary, and basic skills vocational education projects in Afghanistan with funding from the United States government, and other donors. The CAS also conducts short- and long-term orientation seminars for personnel from American government and private organizations preparing to work in Afghanistan. For additional information, contact the Assistant Director of the Center for Afghanistan Studies at 402-554-2376, Arts & Sciences Hall 220, or by email at