Permission Numbers

A Permission Number is entered via MavLINK. A permission number must be entered for any courses that require instructor or department consent.  A permission number will also override any prerequisite or GPA requirement, as well as a closed course. A permission number will NOT override a time conflict. The instructor or advisor must request a time conflict override through the Office of the University Registrar on the student’s behalf.

Receiving a permission number does not register the student for the course. It only means they are able to proceed with enrollment for that course. Once the permission number is issued, the student must register via MavLINK for the course using the number provided.

Permission numbers are BOTH course section and term specific. The student must ensure the permission is issued for the exact course he/she wants. The student will NOT be able to register for a different section of the same course. For example, if a permission is issued for ENGL-1160-003, they will not be able to register for ENGL-1160-006. A new number will need to be issued for the student by their advisor or department contact. Remember, permission numbers can only be used once.

Permission numbers not used before the end of the 100% refund period will be deleted. A new number will need to be issued to enroll after the 100% refund period.