Registration Requirements

Prior to the start of classes each session, students must register for courses according to instructions published on the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) website. To be eligible to register, a new or re-admitted student (one who has not enrolled during the previous two years) must have completed all admissions information. Prior to registering, a student should seek assistance from an academic advisor within his/her college. Some colleges and departments require advising prior to registering. Every student is encouraged to review the requirements for his/her intended degree objective with an assigned academic advisor. This review should be scheduled in preparation for and prior to each registration.

Students who have outstanding debts or fees owed to the University will not be permitted to register until these obligations have been met. Academically suspended students may not register for additional course work until an application for reinstatement has been filed with and approved by their collegiate dean. Due to limited facilities and staff, the University cannot guarantee all students will be able to enroll for every course they wish in each semester.