Registration Wait List

A registration waitlist is an electronic process that auto-enrolls students in closed classes as seats become available. This enables students to get into the classes they want without having to continuously check for possible openings. Waitlists operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so this process ensures that students who enroll sooner have a better chance of getting into a closed course. Waitlists are only available once the class is full. For high-demand classes, this may be the first day of registration or, for other classes, as late as the week before the term starts.

Waitlisted classes do not count toward a student’s enrolled hours. If a student’s financial aid requires full-time enrollment, he/she needs be sure to enroll in enough credits without counting waitlisted classes. Each department is responsible for determining if their class offerings should have a waitlist or not.

For courses with no waitlist available, students will need to check regularly for possible openings. Students may add themselves to any number of waitlists but will not be enrolled beyond the maximum number of hours allowed for that term. Students may remove themselves from a waitlist by following the same process as dropping a class. More information on the Registration Wait List can be found at: