Credit/No-Credit (CR/NC) Privilege

1.   Students need permission to take a course Credit/No-Credit from the instructor and from the department chair. This is done by obtaining a Credit/No-Credit registration card from the Office of the University Registrar in Eppley Administration Building 105, and obtaining the required signatures.

2.   The primary objective of the Credit/No-Credit privilege is to encourage students to attempt courses in areas they would normally avoid due to lack of background. The Credit/No-Credit privilege, therefore, extends the concept of a liberal education and for this reason it will not ordinarily be available within a student’s major or minor unless written approval of the department chairperson is given.

3.   Each college and department has the final authority in determining the extent of its participation in the program. All students should be made aware of the applicability of this program in the college in which they are enrolled.

4.   A minimum grade of “C-” is required to receive credit (for CR/NC courses).

Rules Governing Credit/No-Credit:

1.   A maximum of 24 hours may be taken for university credit on a Credit/No-Credit basis. This privilege may be restricted by each department or college.

2.   Waiver of prerequisites for courses taken on a Credit/No-Credit basis shall be determined by the department offering the course.

3.   Those students with less than 58 semester hours of academic credit earned may not take more than two courses during a regular semester and not more than one course during a summer session on a Credit/No-Credit basis.

4.   The deadline for declaring the Credit/No Credit grading option for a class is at the end of the 50 percent refund period. The 50 percent refund period is the end of the third week for fall/spring semester classes and the proportionate period for summer classes.

5.   A student may change from a Credit/No-Credit basis to a graded basis prior to the end of the last day for officially withdrawing from a course during a semester, but not thereafter.

6.   A grade of No-Credit will be recorded on a student’s record but will not be included in determining the cumulative grade point average.

7.   Faculty will report Credit or No-Credit designations for all students enrolled in a given course on that basis. All faculty are responsible for informing students who enroll on a Credit/No Credit basis of their grading standards during the first week of class in a semester.