Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in History

For the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science in history, a minimum of 36 hours in history are required.  Specific requirements are below. 

For either the B.A. or B.S. in history, the following is required:

HIST 1000World Civilizations I

3 credits

HIST 1010World Civilizations II

3 credits

HIST 2980Historical Methodology

3 credits

HIST 4990Senior Seminar

3 credits

6 hours lower-division history courses (1000-2000)

18 hours upper-division history courses (3000-4000)

Within the courses taken at the 2000 level or above, the following “geographic distribution” requirements also apply:

  • at least 6 hrs. in US History courses
  • at least 6 hrs. in European History courses
  • at least 6 hrs. in “Wider World” courses (not US or European)

B.A. degree seeking students must take foreign language through the intermediate level.  

B.S. degree seeking students, in lieu of foreign language, must complete a 15 hour “cognate field.” The cognate should consist of 12 hours at the 3000/4000 level in one or more related disciplines selected to complement the student’s interests in history.  Additionally, one 3-hour course in logic or statistics must also be taken. The specific composition of a student’s cognate field will be determined in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor.