Minor in LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies

Undergraduate students will be expected to complete at least 15 credit hours of LGBTQ/Sexuality courses with a grade of C or higher. Nine credit hours must be upper division (3000 or higher) courses.


WGST 2010Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies: Social and Behavioral Science

3 credits


WGST 2020Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies: the Humanities

3 credits

SOC 3700Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

3 credits

WGST 3080/HED 3080Health Concepts of Sexual Development

3 credits



Choose 2 courses from the following:

Art History

ART 4860/ART 8866Art and Feminism

3 credits

ART 4930/ART 8936Special Topics in Art History

1 - 3 credits

Special Topics in Art History: Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity; Fashion in Modern Art & Culture


ENGL 4960/WGST 4960Topics in Language and Literature

3 credits

Topics in Language and Literature: Language, Gender, and Sexuality; Writing Women's Lives

Health Education

HED 4700/SOC 4700/SOC 8706/HED 8706Women's Health and Issues of Diversity

3 credits

Political Science

PSCI 3100/WGST 3100/WGST 8105/PSCI 8105LGBT Politics

3 credits

PSCI 3130/WGST 8135/WGST 3130/PSCI 8135Women and Politics

3 credits


PSYC 3540Adolescent Psychology

3 credits

PSYC 4320/PSYC 8326/BIOL 4320/BIOL 8326Hormones & Behavior

3 credits

Select sections of Psyc 3540, per approval of the minor advisor.


RELI 4040/WGST 4040Religion and Homosexuality

3 credits


SOC 3300Sociology of Gender

3 credits

SOC 4310/SOC 8316Sociology of Sexualities

3 credits

Courses not on the list can be petitioned to be accepted by approval of the Advisor of the minor.