The Senior Project

The senior project can be fulfilled through one of the following options:
1) Internship with OLLAS office or faculty engaged in a specific research/creative activity/community engagement project. If this option is also to fulfill the College of Arts and Sciences’ third writing course requirement, instructor will assign appropriate writing assignments.
2) If the LLS senior project course does not need to fulfill a third writing course requirement, students may convert volunteer or internship projects outside UNO into a senior project upon review and approval by OLLAS director/academic advisor and OLLAS faculty.
3) A critical literature review essay on a subject related to the major and of interest to the student. The review may be supervised by either the OLLAS director or another OLLAS faculty member upon approval.
4) A senior project offered by the student’s second major or by the primary major if not LLS. The proposed topic must still be approved by the OLLAS director/academic advisor and a copy of the final products must be submitted to the OLLAS Director and shared with the OLLAS faculty and students at a designated time prior to graduation.

Students must discuss their choice with the OLLAS director/academic advisor and complete a contract describing their intended program of study. The OLLAS director/academic advisor will then name at least one additional OLLAS faculty member to approve the student’s senior project proposal.